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Circulating Water Sampling Equipment

The circulating water sampling equipment can be used for supervisory sampling.

Number of water container 12
Capacity of water container 1600mL
Refrigerant temperature 0~8℃
Peristaltic pump flow 3500mL/min
Pump pipe inner diameter 10mm
Sampling volume error ±5%
Sampling repeatability ±5mL
Vertical head 8m
Horizontal suction head 50m
Air-tightness of pipeline system ≤-0.05MPa
Continuous running time ≥3000h/times
Insulation resistance >20MΩ
Working temperature -5℃ ~ +50℃
Power source AC220V±15% 50Hz
Power 132W(freezer)+50W(sampler)
Dimension 510(L)X510(W)X950(H) mm
Weight 49kg

Sampling method
1. Time controlled sampling: sampling intervals can be set freely from 5~9999 minutes with increments of 1 minute. This equipment can be used for equal time mixed sampling.
2. Flow proportion controlled sampling: the sampling quantity of one pulse can be set freely from 50~1500ml. This equipment can carry out sampling according to the flow proportion (should be matched with the flow meter).
3. Automatic sampling: it can accomplish automatic sampling according to the programmed sampling procedure.
4. Remote controlled sampling: it can directly accomplish sampling according to the remotely delivered sampling commands.
5. Remotely start the programmed sampling procedure to accomplish sampling.
6. Water bottling method: filling a bottle with N water samples; the N can be set freely from 1-30.
7. The distributor has the function of positioning and self-locking.

1. Corrosion resistant sewage specific peristaltic pump flow: 3700ml/min; the inner diameter of the pump pipe is 10mm; the pipe is made of high intensity medical silicone tube.
2. Information recording: it can carry out automatic loop recording of the sampling time of each water bottle
3. Time control error of the system clock of the water sampler: △1≤0.1% and △24≤30S
4. Power-off protection: this sampler can restart after power-off without losing any saved data.
5. Software lock: it can protect the built-in program of the equipment from being modified.

1. The shell of circulating water sampling equipment uses a powder coating for an excellent corrosion resistance.
2. The information recording uses loop recording so that it is more convenient to be checked on the monitor.
3. The water container is self-cleaning.
4. It can indicate the lifetime of the pump tube.
5. The water sampling equipment has motor overload protection and warning device.
6. The IP grade of the controller: IP65.

Optional units
1. Wireless communication module.
2. Mini-printer.
3. Ultrasonic flow measuring probe.

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