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Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 as a specialized manufacturer of high quality and accurate water sampling equipment. For over 20 years, we have been continuously developing circulating, respective sampling, and mixed sampling type water samplers. Depending on the model, these products are divided into fixed sampling equipment, portable sampling equipment, and deep water sampling equipment. We have more than 10 models of serial automatic water samplers such as the XH-12, A8-24, FC-9624YL, FC-9624, and HC-9601YL devices. Our water samplers can be used for online water monitoring, water conservancy, urban water services, research, sewage treatment, and industrial applications.

GRASP produces water samplers of all capacities and types in order to meet your sampling demands. These devices can also be customized according to your special requirements. GRASP water samplers can be used to carry out 24-hour continuous and automatic sampling of various bodies of water and water transport systems. They provide highly precise monitoring and analyzing. Each sampler is suitable for standalone use and can also be matched with flow meters, online COD units, and ammonia nitrogen and heavy metal detectors to form a comprehensive online automatic sewage monitoring system. The samplers can also be combined with online terminal software platforms by wired or wireless installation for remote sampling and data collection. This is extremely useful for automatically monitoring water sources for environmental protection programs.

GRASP unveiled its first automatic water sampler in China in the year 1994. This filled a gap in the domestic market. The water samplers were certified by the designated detection unit of SEPA (state environmental protection administration). Our automatic water samplers have been installed in nearly one hundred large-scale national environmental protection projects and municipal sewage treatment projects since 1999. GRASP products have been exported to Korea, India, Chile, Africa, Australia, the United States and may other countries and regions around the world.

Beijing GRASP Tech Co., Ltd.

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