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The founder of Grasp Technology, Mr. Yaqi Zhao, has developed his first automatic water sampler in 1992, which was also the 1st automatic water sampler in China. In 1994, Beijing Grasp Technology was founded and now it has established itself as one of the leading companies in the field of water sampler. We have been designing and supplying high quality water sampling equipment for water.

In the past 30 years, Grasp has continuously improved its product series, product stability and applicability. After years of vigorous investment in R&D, it has now stably produced many different types of water samplers to meet different requirements. It has become a high-tech environment protection enterprise who focuses on the production of automatic samplers. From our rich variety of products, you can always find one that can help your sampling work. If you have special needs, we can also make special design and do OEM customization.

Service is the source of Grasp’s long-term vitality. We implement the “Four-heart Service” to users with action: easy heart at buying, comfortable heart at using, aesthetic heart at looking, peaceful heart at thinking”.

Grasp’s water samplers have been exported to Australia, South Korea, India, Turkey, Vietnam, and more. In the future development, the company will continue to increase R&D investment, adapt to market needs and changes, and concentrate on carrying out the quality water sampler to the end.

Why do you need a water sampler?
Reliable and sufficient quantity and quality of water is the fundamental for life. Along with the economic growth, our living environment has been polluted for many reasons such as industrial pollution, domestic sewage pollution, or chemical. To make sure that the water surrounding us are safe and clean, you need a professional and easy-to-use water sampler to preserve unbiased water sampler for research and examination. Automatic water samplers are used in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, water supply companies, research centers, schools, etc. Water samplers are used for monitoring of water quality. In Grasp, we are able to assist you in finding the very best water samplers designed for your actual application. Grasp possesses more than 28 years of combined experience and accessible to discuss with you about water samplers. Whether you are schools, healthcare facilities, research laboratories, or construction businesses, we could help you find the water sampler ideal for your application.

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