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Refrigerated Water Sampler

Grasp’s refrigerated water samplers are designed for indoor use. With user-friendly control, they are ideal for stationary sampling in municipal and industrial wastewater applications. This water sampling equipment provides you field-proven and unbiased sample preservation. It adopts an international water sampling method carried out by peristaltic pump which is controlled by SCM. Fully programmable, the user can set sampling time, sampling quantity and sampling mode according to other application parameters and specific requirements. Some series can be equipped with a flow sensor to accomplish volume-based sampling and time-based sampling. Depending on the model, our water samplers can be used for discrete sampling or composite sampling, or both of them.

    1. FC-24C Automatic Collection Water SamplerThe FC-24C Automatic Collection Water Sampler is an environmental monitoring device used for online automatic sampling. The sampling method, intervals, quantities and storage location may be freely set based on user requirements.
    1. FC-9624YL Wastewater SamplerThe FC-9624YL Wastewater Sampler is an environmental monitoring instrument used for online automatic sampling of pollution and fixed point sampling of inlet and discharge outlets.
    1. FC-9624YL Mini-automatic Water SamplerFeaturing with 6x500ml sampling bottles, FC-9624YL-mini automatic water sampler is designed for discrete sampling. Its size is only 380mm x 450mm x 470mm. This water sampler is an environmental protection monitor for online automatic sampling of pollution sources.
    1. HC-9601YL Automatic Water Quality SamplerThe HC-9601YL automatic water quality sampling product is a specific piece of environmental monitoring equipment used for surface water and wastewater sampling, water source monitoring, investigation of pollution source and total quantity control.
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