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Nuclear Power Plant Water Sampling Container

HD-01 Water sampler for nuclear power plant is customized for a customer who needs to take sample in a nuclear power plant. In order to guarantee the safety, customer requires minimum amount of small parts in the sampling bottle. Sampling bottle is made of the “King of Plastic” - PTFE, which is acid and alkali corrosion resistant, and water immersion resistant.

Diameter 125mm
Height 250mm
Wall thickness 5mm
Volume 500mL

1. Deep water sampling container
2. 15 meters of rope (acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, water proof)
3. Counterweight unit at the bottom.

Main features
1. The nuclear power plant water sampling container is made of a material that features an outstanding corrosion resistance.
2. It has a simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.

Optional units
1. DN-100 water sampling bottle kit
2. Specification: 500mL×12/1000mL×12
3. Bottle material: fluoroplastics
4. Kit material: aviation aluminum tool kit
5. Application: can be matched freely with any type of water sampler.

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