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SC-01 Deep Well Water Sampling Equipment

Main application
The deep well water sampling equipment is mainly used for deep water sampling or deep well sampling in areas with an external diameter larger than 300mm.

Performance index
1. Sampling rope: standard configuration is 40m (the length can also be customized according to requirements)
2. Sampling container: 180mm×450mm (diameter x height)
3. Sampling quantity: 2000ML
4. High back base: 304 stainless steel; corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance
5. Sampling method: semi-automatic hand operated sampling- The load lowering height is displayed on the monitor. When the container reaches the required depth, halt the operating winch and press the power button on the valve to carry out water sampling. When sampling is completed, close the valve and use the winch to lift the sampling container.
6. Working temperature: -5℃ ~ +50℃; all-weather equipment
7. Dimension (mm) (Lx W x H): 330 ×300 ×600
8. Weight: 23KG.

Monitor, depth sensor, sampling container, hand lifter, high back base.

Main features
1. The deep well water sampling equipment can carry out stratified sampling according to the depth.
2. Each sampling process can be done up to quantities of 2 liters
3. The customized sampling depth can be up to hundreds of meters.
4. The main material is 304 stainless steel while the sampling container is also made of stainless steel, ensuring that it is solid and durable, allowing for easy, portable operation.

Optional units
1. DN-100 water sampling bottle kit;
2. Specification: 500mL×12/1000mL×12;
3. Bottle material: fluoroplastics;
4. Kit material: aviation aluminum tool kit;
5. Application: can be matched freely with any type of water sampler.

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