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Portable Water Sampling Pump

The portable water sampling pump is an electric portable water sampler which can be used for outdoor sampling, online monitored sampling, environmental monitoring stations, water treatment and gas and liquid sampling etc. It is often used for emergency monitoring and water sampling as a stratified water sampler and portable water sampler.

1. The portable water sampling pump adopts a high quality peristaltic pump of which the pump tube can be put at the bottom of the water, so that it can be used as deep water sampling equipment to carry out stratified water sampling.
2. This portable sampling pump is equipped with rechargeable power, thus it can be used in conditions without a power supply.
3. It is matched with rapid-load pump head so that the operation is simple and cleaning is convenient.
4. The sampling pump is equipped with a portable driver of which the speed can be 0.1-1600 rpm. It has the following features: stepless speed regulation and reversible rotation.
5. It can be used to realize high specific gravity high viscosity liquid sampling, sampling of suspensions with solid particles and stratified sampling. The suction head can be deep to 10 meters.
6. Standard configuration: driver, charger, battery, pump head, 10m hose, sampling head, portable kit.

Technical parameters of pump tube
Material: silicone rubber;
Silicone hardness: shore hardness 50A;
Suitable pump tube: 24#;
Reference flow: 0-2600ml/min;

Main technical parameters of pump
Speed range: 0.1-1600rpm; the direction can be reversed;
Speed adjusting method: key;
Max flow: 2600ml/min;
Max suction head: 8m;
Protection grade: IP31;
Power consumption: <40W;
Torque: 50Nm;
Battery voltage: 20V;
Battery capacity: 1.5Ah;
Max suction head: 0.07MPa (7m H2O);
Pump discharge pressure: 0.14MPa (14m H2O);
Working environment: indoor and outdoor; temperature 0~40℃; relative humidity <85%;
Suitable power supply: Ac220V50/60Hz for charging (optional Ac110V50/60Hz);
Weight (whole unit): 3.2Kg;
Dimension: 240mm*115mm*225mm.

1. The portable water sampling pump can realize cross-contamination-free sampling so that it can be used to collect medical-level samples.
2. This electric water sampler can carry out stratified water sampling. The suction head can be up to 8 meters.
3. It is only 3Kg so that it is portable. It is also equipped with rechargeable lithium battery.

Optional units
1. DN-100 water sampling bottle kit
2. Specification: 500ml×12/1000ml×12;
3. Bottle material: fluoroplastics;
4. Kit: aeronautical aluminum alloy kit;
5. Application: the kit can be matched with any water sampler.

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