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SCH-213 Handheld Water Sampler

SCH-213 handheld water sampler is an electric portable water sampler which can be used for outdoor sampling, online monitored sampling, environmental monitoring stations, water treatment and gas and liquid sampling, etc. It is often used for emergency monitoring and water sampling as a stratified water sampler and portable water sampler.

Size 440(L) x 300(W) x 185(H) mm
Weight 5.8kg
Peristaltic pump flow 2600ml/min
Hardness of pump tube Shore hardness 50A
Pump tube material Silicone rubber 24# (inner diameter 6.4mm)
Repeat sampling accuracy ±5ml
Vertical head 8m
Maximum torque 50 N.m
Max. suction vacuum 0.07Mpa (7m H20)
Pump discharge pressure 0.14Mpa (14m H20)
Battery voltage 20V
Battery capacity 1.5Ah
Power supply AC220V50/60Hz (optional: AC110V50/60Hz)
Working temperature 0°C ~ 40°C

Sampling method

1.SCH-213 handheld water sampler can realize cross-contamination-free sampling so that it can be used to collect medical-level samples.
2.This electric water sampler can carry out stratified water sampling. The suction head can be up to 8 meters.
3.It is only 5.8kg and can be equipped with rechargeable lithium battery.

The portable sampler is suitable for situations in which there’s no power supply, such as river, lake, third-party testing, environmental monitoring, emergency sampling, on-site sampling, etc.

Optional Units
1.DN-100 water sampling bottle kit
2.Specification: 500ml x 12 bottles or 1000ml x 12 bottles
3.Application: can be matched freely with any type of water sampler

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