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HC-9601 Portable Automatic Water Sampler

The HC-9601 portable automatic water sampler is specially designed environmental monitoring equipment which can be used for surface water and wastewater sampling, water source monitoring, investigation of pollution source and total quantity control. It adopts an international water sampling method carried out by peristaltic pump which is controlled by SCM (single chip microcomputer). This water sampler can carry out equal proportion or equal time mixed water sampling according to customer requirements. It is mainly used in various water environmental science and monitoring stations.

Water container 10L
Peristaltic pump flow 3700mL/min
Pump pipe inner diameter 10mm
Sampling volume error ±5%
Sampling repeatability ±5mL
Vertical head 8m
Horizontal suction head 50m
Air-tightness of pipeline system ≤-0.05MPa
Continuous running time ≥3000h/times
Insulation resistance >20MΩ
Working temperature -5℃ ~ +50℃
Power source AC220V±10%/DC12V lithium battery
Dimension 440(φ)X570(H) mm
Weight 22Kg

Sampling method
1. Equal time or varied time mixed water sampling: time controlled sampling;
2. Time intervals of the sampling: can be set freely from 1~9999 minutes;
3. Equal proportion mixed water sampling: flow controlled sampling;
4. Optional specific flow sensor controlled sampling: can be set freely from 1~9999M³;
5. Flow meter which can produce output pulse controlled water sampling: can be set freely from 1~9999 pulse. The output should be 5V~15V positive pulse. (The quantity of flow each pulse can stand for can be set on the flow meter.)
6. Number of mixed water sample N: can be set freely from 1~200.

1. Peristaltic pump flow: 3700ml/min, high speed and high flow sewage specific pump; the inner diameter of the pump pipe is 10mm; the pipe is made of high intensity medical silicone tube;
2. Information recording: HC-9601 portable automatic water sampler can automatically record and store the sampling data of each time;
3. Horizontal suction head: 50m; it has the function of sampling tube automatic washing;
4. Time control error of the system clock of the water sampler: △1≤0.1% and △12≤30S;
5. Power-off protection: this sampler can restart after power-off while all the parameters and data stored will not be lost;
6. Preset program: this equipment can preset and store 10 frequently-used working programs which can be called directly according to the sampling demands;
7. Software lock: only the administrator can use the sampler and modify the parameters in order to protect the built-in program of the equipment from being modified.

1. The HC-9601 portable automatic water sampler is equipped with standard 12V accumulators. Its battery can be replaced by the car battery when the power runs low in the open air.
2. After being equipped with the flow meter, the water sampler can record 256 groups of flow data which consists of monthly, daily, hour, minute, instantaneous and cumulative flow rate. The recording interval between groups of flow data can be set freely. The data recording adopts cyclic regeneration.
3. This sampler is equipped with RS232 port, so that it can realize external control of the sampling and output the sampling time and flow data.
4. The protection grade of the HC-9601 shell is IP65, so it can be used for sewage and all-weather sampling.
5. The data stored will not be lost after power-off. These data can be checked or printed out at any time.
6. There are optional flow meter and printer.

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